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USA Debt Clock.com is the current incarnation of our debt monitoring efforts. Begun in 1987 with the Macintosh Desk Accessory (it would be an "app" now) named USDebtDA we've been tracking the debt over the years.

USA Debt Clock.com is updated as frequently as the U.S. Treasury releases figures. Some Debt Clocks merely take the national debt at the beginning of the Federal Fiscal year (October 1), the projected value at the end of the Fiscal Year and then average. This is a great method to determine the approximate debt at any point in time. USA Debt Clock.com uses the information supplied by the Treasury as often as it is released so we get a much more accurate value of the national debt. This could be in the Billions of dollars - which in budgets measure in the Trillions is often a drop in the bucket.

June 17, 2011: An interesting note is that current situation where the United States has reached its debt ceiling, some debt clocks are showing the the current official national debt is above the limit, which is incorrect since the national debt can not be above the ceiling until the limit is raised.

For UNfunded liabilities, information is derived from the most accurate values available, but will vary more than the National Debt since it is a future project based on accounting principles.

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